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Before reading on, we want to point out that this fat-burning system was developed by the lean and muscular Justin Lord but revised for regular people i.e. non-bodybuilders. It works whether you are a man or a woman and it works regardless of your age. In fact, if you're over 40, this could easily take 10 years off your biological age!

It even works for people who feel like they've tried everything and are just "destined to be overweight". There's one key factor that everyone with the most successful results who follow our Training have in common. Mindset!

Let's show you how our System works.

Fat Loss

In just 30 days, you'll see your Metabolism Turbo-Charged, you'll burn off Fat and transform your body into the shape you want.

We'll show you how to do it safely and naturally, with no insane workouts, crash diets, cutting carbs and no giving up most of your favorite foods!

On this Page, you'll discover:

  • The surprising reason that ALL "diets" fail
  • Why so many people actually look WORSE after they lose weight
  • The common diet mistake almost everyone is making that leads to slow metabolism, hormone imbalance, low energy and hunger pangs
  • How some people can actually eat more and burn more fat
  • The four elements you must mix together if you want to lose fat without losing muscle or getting weaker

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With so much unique fat-burning truth packed into one single system, enough to shortcut years of struggle, you might think that our programme would be priced at a premium. Our goal is to make our Training available affordably.

That’s why you get all of this for just £24.97 per month for four months!

Get Fit with Inspiring Healthy Living


It’s the difference between struggling to “diet away” unwanted fat and efficiently burning it.

That means stripping away Belly Fat, "Love Handles," arm and thigh flab, without accidentally losing the Lean Muscle hidden underneath.

Here’s why holding onto your muscle while you burn fat is so important, even if you have zero interest in looking like a bodybuilder, it’s lean muscle that gives a great body its shape and the stamina to do all the things you want it to do.

The “burners” look great in a swimsuit, we’ll get to how in just a minute, so keep reading.

The “dieters” still end up hiding under their clothes, even though they've “lost weight”, they look soft and mushy with their shirts off.

This is exactly what you want to avoid, starving yourself to get thin.

We're not going to teach you to "pump iron" and pack on lots of extra muscle like a competitive bodybuilder would, we're going to teach you how to lose Fat in a controlled and healthy manner.

Typical "Diets" actually destroy a lot of the lean Muscle that you've already got.

That means that, if you burn fat the right way, you can expose the firm, toned-looking physique you already have but is hidden beneath a layer of unwanted fat rather than losing fat the wrong way, the “diet industry” way! You might eventually become one of the “lucky” ones who manages to suffer through the torture and get “skinnier”.

You can, at a glance, look thin but your body fat percentage could be what you’d expect to see in somebody who’s visibly overweight, even obese.

The fitness slang for this condition is “skinny fat” and it has got so common, there’s even a medical name for it, “normal weight obesity".

Stretch & Core

When Doctors look at DEXA (dual energy x-ray absorpitometry) results or MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scans, they're often horrified as this means we have two epidemics!

The obesity epidemic and the Muscle loss epidemic!

The older you are, the worse the effects, because it is easier to lose muscle. Most people don't know this, but losing muscle is one of the fastest ways to accelerate the effects of aging.

“Diets” promise you "Weight" loss but don't tell you that 75% of that "Weight" is not fat! You “diet away” lots of lean muscle and just a little bit of fat.

That’s the basic problem with “diets”, they're like taking one step forward and two steps back. Even if you “win” and “drop some weight”, you still lose!

Dieting danger goes beyond just looking “skinny fat” because, as bad as that sounds, ending up with the skinny-fat metabolism that goes with it is even worse.

As hyper-committed as bodybuilders are to burning fat, they avoid “diets” like the plague. It’s not just that diets cannibalise muscle, they also damage your metabolism, making it harder to burn more fat off and to keep the fat you’ve burned from creeping back on.

That’s because typical calorie-slashing diets can’t fool your body. The body’s response is automatic and unavoidable, decreased metabolism, hormone imbalance, sluggish thyroid, gnawing hunger pangs, low energy and “brain fog”. Does that sound familiar?

Then, after a few encouraging pounds come off, just when you think all the suffering might have been worth it, you hit the dreaded, inevitable “plateau” where it just “stops working” and you end up gaining it all back just like the rest of the 95% of dieters who fail.

Abdominals (ABS)

If you’ve been trying to burn fat, one of your main enemies is your very own bathroom scale.

You see the hype claims every day: "LOSE 30 POUNDS IN 30 DAYS!".

These claims get people so focused on “moving the needle” on their scale, that if they don’t measure up on their daily “weigh-in”, their whole day is ruined!

Yet these “scale-watchers” never seem to manage to get rid of all their unwanted fat.

That’s because muscle weighs more than fat and “diets” that pressure you to blindly “lose weight” without knowing where the loss is coming from trick you into sabotaging your figure and your metabolism.

The “Burners” who follow the "Bodybuilder Way" of getting lean, strip pounds of pure unwanted Fat from their bodies whilst keeping their Lean Muscle and building their Metabolisms into Fat-Melting machines.

So rather than putting your body through dangerous fads, body-wasting starvation diets and frustrating “plateaus," with us you get to look forward to a lean, firm, fit-looking body that’s strong in every way.

Get Fit with Inspiring Healthy Living

So let’s get into the specific “how to do it” tips we have for you today.

It all comes down to what we call the "Four Elements" of Fat-Burning.

The First Element has nothing to do with food or workout programmes, yet if you’ve struggled to burn fat, this lesson will change your life so much that when it’s over, you’re going to want to share it with every person you love or care about.

The most successful bodybuilders, fitness models and athletes will tell you that the foundation of all your results comes from training your mind first.

Number 1

The First Element

That’s why the First Element of our advice has always been Mindset.

We're talking about "the science" of setting goals and the psychology of achieving them.

We're talking about reprogramming your mind for success, so that instead of fighting against cravings or forcing your self to the gym, your new healthy behaviours turn over to "auto-pilot" mode and all the healthy eating and consistent training that once seemed so hard is as effortless as tying your shoes or brushing your teeth.

You'll never out-perform your self image.

If you want to change your body on the outside, you must first change the image you hold of yourself on the inside.

Bodybuilders are masters at this and, if you could get inside their thought process, you'd learn more about body transformation than you ever would by looking at their nutrition journal or training plan.

After they mastered it, they were unstoppable!

Without fail, those who gloss over this at first and fail to get results, eventually realise that the biggest secret to physical change is mental change.

The Second Element

The correct nutrition. “You can’t out-train a lousy diet”, that’s very true.

Without the right eating plan that accounts for your individual needs and goals, everything else falls apart.

Cutting calories is not the best way to burn fat.

If you watch bodybuilders, one thing you’ll notice about them is that they always seem to be eating.

“Dieters” eat as little as they can stand trying to get thin, “Burners” eat early and often, because they know it’s the key to restoring and ramping up their metabolism into a fat-burning machine.

They simply follow a simple formula to determine how many calories their bodies need daily to maintain their current weight (the amount they’d eat if they didn’t want to drop or gain a pound) and then cut that number by a modest 20%.

That way, you never unintentionally over-eat and store food away as unwanted fat and you also never trigger your body’s “starvation response” by eating too little, so you never feel hungry.

You might be wondering, if bodybuilders use food to fuel their metabolic fire, where does the final fat burn come from?

Number 3The Third Element

This is where the final two Elements of our Training comes in and those are your right cardio and strength training.

You see, “diets” do get one thing right: You do need a “calorie deficit” in order to burn fat, in other words you still need to use up more calories than you eat.

The difference is, with our Training, the “deficit” comes from exercise rather than food alone.

Unlike the “diet” strategy that tries to starve the fat, our strategy is to burn the fat with increased activity.

Think of the third element - the right cardio - as a Fat burning accelerator.

Our Training doesn't lock you into one type of exercise, you don't have to sweat on a treadmill every day, you don't have to jog, you don't have to sit on a hard bicycle seat for an hour, you don't have to do boot camps.

Number 4The Fourth Element

The right strength training also burns calories and increases metabolism, so adding this fourth element is like getting a double boost in fat-burning, but here's the real reasons to strength train:

Strength training is how you avoid getting "skinny fat" or losing muscle when you're in a fat-burning calorie deficit.

Remember that it's lean muscle that gives a great body its shape and the strength to do everything you want your body to do.

Don't worry though, we're not going to make you “pump iron” like Arnold Schwarzenegger or spend half your life exercising, this is designed for ordinary people with lots of other demands on their energy and time.

There Are Two Paths You Can Take From Here:

PATH 1: Take the information we've given you in fat burning tips and try to “go it alone”. Who knows, you may see some success from this alone if you take really careful notes.

PATH 2: It’s what the vast majority of people who read this fat-burning article, they subscribe and find the quickest and smartest path to the body they desire and deserve.

It has been tested and proven again and again with clients at every level of fitness.

No matter how old you are, whether you’re a man or a woman, whether you’re a competitive athlete or just want to look your best on the beach and think you’ve tried everything, our Training works!

It doesn't matter if you're in your 20's or your 50's, even if your fat loss and fitness goals are nowhere near a world record, even if you’re competing with nobody except yourself, just by putting a Plan into action, you'll start seeing results that will make you feel like stepping up on a stage and getting a medal.

Get Fit with Inspiring Healthy Living

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